Since its Establishment in 1989, Guhdo Spring Bed have been delivering  bedding product all over Indonesia. With decades of expirience, We pride ourself in Innovation and exeptional quality product with reasonable pricing.

Innovation to provide a better quality of life can be seen in many of our product, Features such as Easy Fit System, Multi Bed, Drawer system and many more.

To all aspect of delivering quality in closely related to the choice of material, sourcing our material has become cherry picking, not only we search or the best, we get the best to deliver the supremecy in all our product range.

With product range to suite every individual needs, we believe that GUHDO Spring Bed has always and will always be The Mattress Of Choice.

Special Features

Easy Fit

The Patented Easy Fit System is innovation to improve quality of life, with this innovation, easy Bed Cover fitting for 2 in 1 design. No need for customized ced cover, spent less time and energy in fitting bed cover. No heavy lifting. Spent more time with your loved one and enjoy a better quality of family time.

Multi Bed

Design to suite all ages, Multi Bed Patented design have many benefits. Such as creating more space in your bedroom so that lights can brighten the room. Resulting from its low design, it is suitable for the eldery, teenager or kids as injuries can be minimise compared to falling from a high mattress.

Drawer / Compatment

In Designin our sleep product, we accounted for the inportance of compartment. it is neccessary in creating a clean and tidy bedroom without adding more furniture in it.


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